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AShley Wey Duo

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Contact name: Ashley Wey


Three Ashley Wey Trio Albums:

'Starseeds'  2011

'Making Magic'  2014

'Live' 2017

Brief Synopsis: An original mix of jazz and acoustic pop music with strong roots grounded in tradition.



Synopsis of Ashley Wey Duo (Bio):


Victoria’s pianist Ashley Wey celebrates the beauty of modern jazz with passion and improvisational joy, bringing the standards freshly back to life. With three critically acclaimed self-produced albums to her credit, the captivating Wey returned to Victoria with her latest ‘Live’: an album filled with inventive ideas and breathtaking artistry. 
Ashley is a charismatic singer/pianist who lights up the stage with her bright smile and magnificent sounds that open minds and reach hearts. Performing with Louis Rudner(Michigan) this incredible duo is 
premiering new works and and shedding new light on some things old and timeless.


Louis Rudner has been laying diverse musical foundations for over a decade. A native of southeast Michigan, He took up the violin at the age of 8 and began studying classical music as well as American traditional music.  Inspired by the energy of the music from the 1960’s beginning with Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and Santana, Louis took up the electric bass to experiment with and explore a different sound palette.  He went on to study the Double Bass under Rodney Whitaker, earning a Bachelors and Masters degree in Jazz Performance at Michigan State University.   Louis now resides in Victoria, B.C and is works closely with the Ashley Wey Duo and Trio.


This passionate and dynamic duo performs a wide variety of music through the decades and is dedicated to the tradition of Jazz. 

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